Who are we?

SA Speech Therapy (Language & Learning Concepts & Olson Speech and Language) is a speech/language pathology clinic which has been assisting preschool and school age children and adults in San Antonio, TX since 1983. Our licensed Speech Language Pathologists work with children and adults who experience speech, language, voice, fluency, and swallowing deficits.

What do we provide?

SA Speech Therapy is individualized to help each person develop functional communication. Speech therapy can help those children and adults who experience oral and written language comprehension and expression difficulties as well as swallowing deficits. We work through an individual’s strengths to help him/her develop strategies, techniques, and skills to compensate and/or overcome their communicative weaknesses. We provide:

  • - Evaluation
    - Direct Treatment
    - Screenings
    - Consultations (Parent, teachers, caregivers)